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Mini Project #1 - CIC Warfare Plotter Release Notes

  • 2014-09-05
    • Changes
      1. The world country outlines layer will no longer make the countries fill in with a solid white when the plotter is loaded a second time.
      2. Scenario start date/time is now kept in the scenario file.
        •      <MP01Scenario>
                   <timestamp name="start">41661.0</timestamp>
          	 <timestamp name="current">0</timestamp>
      3. The "current" time as well as other timestamps in the scenario file will be stored as offsets from the start date/time. In the example above, a "current" timestamp of 1.0 would evaluate to 41662.0 (January 2, 2014) !!!For the only the "start" time is tracked!!!

  • 2008/08/03
    • Changes
      1. When you change the Unit of measure in the Options screen, it will immediately update the units used on each map window. The Event Log continues to always use nautical miles.
      2. When clicking Move All Units, all units actually move, unlike some recent builds.
      3. New Help/Instruction manual.

  • 2007/08/26
    • Changes
      1. Scenario file format to version 7, Zipped XML format.
      2. When using Save As, it will now suggest the same filename as was used before.

  • 2007/08/07
    • Changes
      1. Fixed closing and renaming of tabs. (Ticket #6)

  • 2007/08/05
    • Changes
      1. Scenario file format to version 6, XML format.
      2. When loading a scenario trigger the globes to refresh so that user sees the units from the just loaded scenario without clicking on the globe or otherwise forcing a redraw.

  • 2007/07/11
    • Changes
      1. Poor fix for internationalization by specifying a period for the decimal indicator no matter the country.

  • 2007/06/09
    • Changes
      1. Added ability to change the selected and unselected aka active/inactive color of the text about the units aka unit data block. distances.

  • 2007/06/05
    • Changes
      1. Special build for pmaidhof, no longer clear the SDB at program load, just clear out Units and DirArrows layers, allows custom map overlays and such from MapBuilder.

  • 2007/06/04
    • Changes
      1. Changed globe scale to allow different units measurements than the default for display on map scale and click to click distances.

  • 2007/03/11
    • Changes
      1. No change, just to test autoupdate.

  • 2007/03/11
    • Changes
      1. Added autoupdate capability, it is enabled by default, go to Options screen to turn this off.

  • 2007/01/13
    • Features Added/Enhanced
      1. Switched internally from maintaining list of map objects to using the SDB capability, greatly increasing reliability and speed of loading scenarios.
      2. Allow resizing of Notes/Event log portion of main window.
      3. Make heading indicator per unit in addition to the existing global on or off. This led to saved game format from version 4 to 5.
      4. Fixed title bar text when changing scenarios

  • 2007/01/11
    • Features Added/Enhanced
      1. Moved scenario file version from 3 to 4, conversion from 3 to 4 renumbers units in the scenario file, making any 'phantom' units re-appear for deletion or incorporation by the user.

  • 2007/01/06
    • Features Added/Enhanced
      1. Fixed selected unit becoming unselected when Move All Units button is clicked.
      2. Compiler tweaks to avoid error when selecting heading arrow color.

  • 2007/01/01
    • Features Added/Enhanced
      1. Greatly increased debug logging (see DebugLog.txt in program folder)
      2. Fixed primary key being wrong bug when you add a bunch of units, delete units, save the file, then re-load the file. Units created after the load may have had duplicate primary key entries.

  • 2006/12/25
    • Features Added/Enhanced
      1. Added some experimental saving of EventLog for Pete

  • 2006/12/20
    • Features Added/Enhanced:
      1. Fixed arrows not following moving units when single units were moved.
      2. Fixed all units disappearing after a sequence of deleting a unit then clicking move all units (thanks Pete)

  • 2006/12/20
    • Features Added/Enhanced:
      1. Fixed problem where directional arrows didn't point correctly upon scenario load.
      2. Added Options button on main screen for global options.
          Arrow settings added on options page, saved in ini file.
      3. Fixed program closing error when closing map tabs in certain situations.

  • 2006/12/17
    • Features Added/Enhanced:
      1. Added 'Clear Info' button for Information panel.
      2. Added heading indicator arrow.

  • 2006/09/17
    • Features Added/Enhanced:
      1. Added scenario notes section at bottom of main window.

  • 2006/08/23
    • Bugs Fixed:
      1. Previous version wouldn't put save version in scenario file. This release can fix the erroneous files and make them correct.
      2. Clear unit information after deleting a unit.
      3. Updated help file.
      4. Made sure that saving scenarios saves version info.
    • Features Added/Enhanced:
      1. Separated Radar checkboxes in Air Radar (ASR) and Surface Radar (SSR). Existing scenarios will copy the Radar values into both ASR and SSR.

  • 2006/08/18
    • Bugs Fixed:
      1. Sizing the globe portion of a map window very small would cause a crash of the program. Forced that portion of window to stay larger than the crash inducing size.
    • Features Added/Enhanced:
      1. Registration functions added.
      2. Demo functions added.

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