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Mini Project #1 - CIC Warfare Plotter Future Plans

This page lists potential changes, additions, improvements to the CIC Warfare Plotter. Please make your suggestions known. Stratsims offers no guarantee that items on this page will ever find their way into the program.

  1. Ability for user to add their own unit types, likely following a Mil-Std-2525B derived framework and naming convention.
  2. List fuel load and burn rate for each unit, time stepping decreases available fuel appropriately.
  3. More extensive logging, perhaps record all scenario events in the scenario file.
  4. See v. Implement auto-update capability for the program itself, and the ability to disable such a feature.
  5. Save map window sizes, positions, selected units, etc. in the scenario file, optionally load it with the scenario.
  6. Ability to draw on the map, air corridors, fire support areas, etc. (thanks Pete)
  7. Add a new unit a specified heading and distance from an existing unit. (thanks Jon)
  8. Produce sitrep on demand (screenshot, unit status report) as well as a running scenario recap (thanks Pete)
  9. Add game clock aka time/date stamp.
  10. Range circles (oh that won't be fun!)
  11. Add paths, eta, etc., may be in future mini project (thanks Jan)
  12. A grand yet unlikely plan (aka lessons learned from the US War Colleges wargaming staff at Origins 2008)
    • "Multiplayer" markup of the map (as simple as circles/lines)
    • Allow GIS style overlays
    • Draw range circles
    • Draw lines
    • Provide God-mode umpire who can add units, delete units, move units, etc.
    • Items TonyE came up with, not stated at Origins
      • Track n-sides, i.e. a notional position and detection state for each unit for each side
      • Save map views (but then again, I am big on this idea)
      • Expand file format so that it keeps a complete history, then allowing playback/playforward/branching of play

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