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Mini Project #1 - CIC Warfare Plotter Tips & Tricks

  • You can run time backwards if you so desire, i.e. -15 is a valid time increment.
  • The 'E'mitting sensor checkboxes can be greyed as well as checked. We suggest you use greyed to mean that the unit has such a sensor using that sensor and checked to mean the sensor is being used.
  • Upon Registration, a file called CICWarfarePlotter.ini is created in the program directory, copy it to your other computers to use the program there without re-entering registration info.
  • Use multiple map windows to view the action from different perspectives. Or in small scenarios, make one map window for each unit, select the unit and check "Track Selected Unit" to keep tabs on all units.
  • If the globe gets too off-center, zoom in until you have scroll bars and re-center the globe.

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