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Our goal is to provide you with the Commanders view of warfare. The decisions you make will decide the outcome of the battle. Think that puts the pressure on you? Try it in real life. That being said, while we hope to create a fully functional accurate simulation we also hope you will have fun as well.

Now a little detail about the mechanics itself.

Modular design. What does this mean you ask? It means the game will be divided into sections, this is to make it easier to correct bugs and allow us to update small sections of the game without worrying about it breaking other sections.

3D graphics. Absolutely not. While this might be a neat feature, we fully plan on concentrating on the internal mechanics. I have never seen 3d images on a real radar screen before and that is what we are here to model, real life. If you feel 3d graphics are necessary try this website: Global Conflict Blue It appears to be an excellent start to a naval warfare simulation.

Modes of play. Huh? Many modes of play will be included, single player, traditional multiplayer, cooperative multiplayer, quick start multiplayer and even a PBEM Campaign Mode. Cooperative Multiplayer is just what it sounds like, a way to be allies with other players against the AI or other players. Quick start multiplayer is still being discussed but the general idea is to set up a points system and "buy" platforms to use against another player. PBEM Campaign Mode will allow the game master to set up a scenario and send it to the players. The player will then lay out their orders, create an orders file and send it back to be loaded into the scenario. The game master will be able to send the results back to the players in a scenario file for the orders process to begin again.

Coverage. Initially we will be concentrating on the naval warfare aspects of the simulation, although land warfare should not be far behind. We are talking full integration here, not an abstraction like you will find in most other sims out there. In addition you will be able to fight a battle anywhere in the world with what we hope will be the best weather effects ever put into a war game.

Want to learn more? Try our Official Email List at Strategy Sims CIC.


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