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Mini Project #1 - CIC Warfare Plotter

Purpose: To create a play aid to use in the development of CIC rules. Program should have secondary application to existing paper warfare games.

Critical Functions:

  1. Ability to place 'infinite' units on map..marked air, surface, subsurface, and ordnance
  2. Ability to move above units a given distance
  3. Ability to mark units detected by active sonar, passive sonar, ESM, radar, visual, other
  4. Ability to measure distance between units
  5. Scaleable map
  6. Ability to save state of plotting board for later retrieval

Screenshot 1   Screenshot 2   Screenshot 3

Download v. Complete   Download v. Upgrade
The only demo restriction is an inability to save your 'scenario' files.
You must have administrative rights to install and register the program.
Using the program does not require administrative rights on the computer.

For the full version of this application, click on "Buy Now" and enter payment information. The price is $20 which entitles you to: use of the program, 1 year of e-mail support, and 1 year of program updates. You may use the program on as many computers as you own as an individual. A serial number will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours which you can use to register the Demo. The payment service is PayPal payments; purchase does not require a PayPal account.

System Requirements: Windows 2000 or newer (the program works with both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems).

Installation Note: Do not install within the Program Files directory on Windows Vista, there are not enough permissions there for the plotter to work correctly.

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